The following 6 minute workout combines dynamic exercises and isometric exercises for a total-body strength powerhouse developed by coach Steven France.

Do this set three times through. Be sure to warm up before you hit this set. You’ll spend a minute on each each exercise combo. Each combo of exercises includes a HIIT move and an isometric hold. Most HIIT exercises last for :30 and the isometric hold is also :30.

  • 1:00 – First :30, burpees (aim for 10 total burpees), second :30, hold a plank
  • Rest :10
  • 1:00 – First :30, right lunge hop, last :30, hold a low lunge
  • Rest :10
  • 1:00 – First :30, left lunge hop, last :30, hold a low lunge
  • Rest :10
  • 1:00 – First :30 Low boat, to high boat, , last :30, High boat hold
  • Rest :10
  • 1:00 – First :30 Squat jump, Last :30, squat hold
  • Rest :10
  • 1:00 – Fist :45 push-ups, last :15, low push-up hold




Cardio, HIIT, Hiit & Hold


Steven France Steven France

Steven is an experienced personal trainer, motivational speaker and internationally acclaimed fitness professional working as a Body Compass personal trainer for Paradise Challenge, which hosts luxury photo shoots with top models across the world.

Steven has traveled across the world helping people improve both their physical health and also their mental health through his combined approach to health and wellbeing.

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