How HIIT Can Benefit Your Health

Improves Oxygen Consumption Your muscles need oxygen to work, and the better their ability to use that oxygen the better they work. Consuming more oxygen makes muscles more efficient, and allows for increased endurance and speed. HIIT exercises are shown to be just as effective at improving oxygen consumption as endurance training such as cycling or running, but takes half…
Adam McGill
23rd March 2019

Benefits of Body Weight Training

Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and dips use your own bodyweight for resistance as opposed to the weights attached to resistance training machines. Let's take a look at the main differences and benefits of bodyweight training over machine use. Movement Bodyweight training allows for completely natural movements. With no part of your body being restricted or in a fixed…
Adam McGill
12th March 2019
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HIIT – Best for Weight Loss

All exercises that require activity will burn calories, so why is HIIT the best option for weight loss? Here’s why. Time Because of the nature of HIIT workouts, you can expend just as much energy as you would during moderate-intensity exercises in half the time, meaning you can burn just as many calories more quickly. This is great for athletes…
Adam McGill
12th March 2018

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