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Gemma Off Season
15th October 2019

Gemma Crossley – Off season mode – Activated – Week 23

Hitting PBs already and there is a long way to go yet. So what me grow and follow along with me. Remember my off season plan is available

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29th September 2019

Gemma Crossley – Off season and the struggle – Week 22

But remembering it's not lost it's still there it's just time to work HARD and BUILD that muscle mass ready to come back stronger again next season.

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22nd September 2019

Gemma Crossley – The Come Down From Comp – Week 21

However, when you've put your body through the extreme diet of peak week those treats will and have hit the system HARD!!! But looking forward is

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16th September 2019

Gemma Crossley – Competing with Future Muscle Union – Week 20

It's been a tough past few weeks with peak week lasting 2 weeks rather than one but it was all completely worth it. It goes to show if you REALLY

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Gemma Post Show
14th September 2019

Gemma Crossley – Post Show – Week 19

It paid off when I placed 4th with an invite to British Finals. I am still so happy with this result as it was a personal goal of mine to get an

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1st September 2019

Gemma Crossley – Peak Week – Week 18

At the end of all of this hard work and dedication it all comes down to that step on stage with a smile on your face and just love it. I've worked

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25th August 2019

Gemma Crossley – Setting goals is key to your own success!! – Week 17

This journey has been so important for my own mental health and showing myself that if you set a goal and stick to it then it is possible!! So when

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18th August 2019

Gemma Crossley – Time For Yourself – Week 16

Take some time to make sure that you look after number one - YOU! During this last few weeks I have found as the calories have come down the training

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14th August 2019

Gemma Crossley – An Honest Journey – Week 15

I've always said this blog would be an honest journey of the good, the bad, the ups and downs of prep and how hard it can be. This week has been

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Gemma Week 14
4th August 2019

Gemma Crossley – Your Goals – Week 14

A focused mindset is a healthy way of making sure you don't back track on all your hard work and ruin what you have created. I find this so important

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Gemma Week 13
29th July 2019

Gemma Crossley – Update and Calorie Deficit – Week 13

Remember the body can push harder than the mind can and at this stage of dieting that is the best thing to tell yourself that the body will cope. I

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Gemma Week 12
22nd July 2019

Gemma Crossley –Your Body Is Stronger than Your Mind – Week 12

Its always easy to give up but harder to continue... you are your own obstacle so don't let your mind take over. Pick yourself up and keep going.

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