Happy New year and new goals. Here we go!

The new year is a great time to wipe the slate clean with new goals and challenges that's what I'm doing and I can't wait!! Starting my PT qualification with Bodycompass and fitness classes with my Iron Sister Check out my Instagram @Gem_XLY and or @ironsistersfitness for information. Get in touch with me and tell me what your goals…
Gemma Crossley
13th January 2020

Superfoods: Myths vs Facts

A food can only be a “superfood” when backed up with a scientifically approved health claim. FACT Although there isn’t a widely accepted definition for “Superfoods”; there are some legal requirements for when and how this term can be used to describe a food.  If you want to call something a superfood it has to be backed up with scientific…
Body Compass
11th November 2019

6 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go

For many people it can feel like an impossible barrier, but in this article I am sharing my top tips to help you to beat the temptations and get on top of healthy eating on the go. Snack attack – Always try and pack some non-perishable snacks to take with you on your travels, this keeps you in control of…
Body Compass
24th October 2019

Intermittent Fasting

So let’s start with what it is… There are loads of versions of IF all over the internet, but according to the journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics association (1), they can be grouped into 3 main methods: Alternate day fasting - As the name suggests, this involves consuming no food or drink every other day, and eating…
Body Compass
16th October 2019

Gemma Crossley – Off season and the struggle – Week 22

But remembering it's not lost it's still there it's just time to work HARD and BUILD that muscle mass ready to come back stronger again next season. It's all part of the journey. It's not all about being ripped and being skinny at the end of the day it's about building on you mentally and physically to gain strength all…
Body Compass
29th September 2019

Gemma Crossley – The Come Down From Comp – Week 21

However, when you've put your body through the extreme diet of peak week those treats will and have hit the system HARD!!! But looking forward is helping with the psychological side of accepting the physical changes I am seeing already!! Being back on a diet plan is helping lots and the journey continues. Stay on it with me and keep…
Body Compass
22nd September 2019

Gemma Crossley – Competing with Future Muscle Union – Week 20

It's been a tough past few weeks with peak week lasting 2 weeks rather than one but it was all completely worth it. It goes to show if you REALLY want something and you are willing to dedicate yourself to it through the ups and the downs the your goals can be reached. Thank you for all your support and…
Body Compass
16th September 2019

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