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Gemma Training
23rd June 2019

Gemma Crossley – Strong Woman Training – Week 8

I knew I needed to build muscle mass in off season and saw this as opportunity to try something new for me. My family are all pretty much strongmen

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Gemma Holiday Prep
17th June 2019

Gemma Crossley – Prep on holiday – Week 7

Along with a little bit of preparation before you pack and when here making sure that sensible choices are made then anything is possible. Supporting

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Gemma Crossley - Protein and Supplements
10th June 2019

Gemma Crossley – Proteins & Supplements – Week 6

Little bit of an update on how my journey is going so far while in prep for my competition in September. It’s always important to understand what

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Whats In The Bag with Gemma Crossley
3rd June 2019

Gemma Crossley – Whats In The Bag – Week 5

I hope this helps some of you who are maybe new to lifting weights or are even at the stage where you're looking at increasing weight but a little

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Muscle Groups with Gemma Crossley
28th May 2019

Gemma Crossley – Muscle Groups – Week 4

Hopefully this will help anyone who is struggling building your beach bod and help you understand that squats are not the ONLY exercise to help build

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Gemma Week 3 - Abs
19th May 2019

Gemma Crossley – Abs – Week 3

As I admit in the video I do not have the perfect Ab's and so would love to hear about your own routines and journey's, it's always great to share

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Week 2 Gemma's Journey
12th May 2019

Gemma Crossley – My Journey To Competition – Week 2

Hopefully this video will give some of you a little helping hand and an insight of what I eat and why. Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to

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Gemma Week 1 Blog
4th May 2019

Gemma Crossley – My Journey To Competition – Week 1

Fitness is hard but I hope I can help you guys see that it’s not impossible, because trust me if I can do it then anyone can. Keep watching and ask

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23rd March 2019

How HIIT Can Benefit Your Health

Improves Oxygen Consumption Your muscles need oxygen to work, and the better their ability to use that oxygen the better they work. Consuming more

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12th March 2019

Benefits of Body Weight Training

Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and dips use your own bodyweight for resistance as opposed to the weights attached to resistance

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28th February 2019

Benefits of Isometric Exercises

Time Isometric hold exercises, named for the holding of a stationary position for a certain length of time, are a wonderfully convenient way to

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11th February 2019

What is protein and how much should we be eating?

The current UK recommendation for protein intake is 0.75 -1.0/kg of bodyweight per day for adults of the general population to moderately active

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